About Us

Loda Furniture has been established in Istanbul in 2000 as an affiliate of TD Tech Design Furniture, Inc. Since the day it has been established, it has maintained a society and environment-sensitive approach of production by combining high-technology and labor. Our company, also giving a direction to the furniture industry, is among the most reputable furniture manufacturers in Turkey thanks to its rich product line, pioneering & innovative designs, quality standards and after sales services. Loda Furniture, having showrooms in Modoko, Masko, Bostanci and Skyland HOM (all of which are locations in Istanbul), also has showrooms in Izmir, the cosmopolitan Aegean city and in Izmit, the rising district of Kocaeli.Acting with the vision of being a global player in the furniture industry, Loda Furniture creates a wide showroom network in the Middle East and Europe as well as the domestic market. Targeting a global growth with its overseas investments, Loda Furniture has showrooms in the USA, Oman, Dubai / UAE, Pakistan, Qatar, Lebanon, Germany, Russia, Abu Dhabi, Kazakhistan, Morocco, Kuwait, Romania, Hungary, and Poland.

Owing to its knowledge, background and experience obtained in almost 20 years in furniture sector, Loda continues to produce in an enclosed space of 15.000 m² in total with its 250 employees. Our brand, well-known in its sector as a pioneer of innovations and initiations, has been providing services for its customers in light of an understanding of “Concept Furniture,” by producing bedrooms, dining rooms, lounge suits, TV sets and furniture accessorizes in modern and loft styles.

Adopting customer satisfaction as its main principle, Loda has not only presented high-quality products, but also projected innovations onto its products by following the latest world trends closely. Loda has set the construction of long-term relations with its customers as its mission by providing them with the best service. The major advantage ensured by Loda is its hassle-free delivery of uniquely designed and qualified products to its customers as soon as possible, at a reasonable price.

With regards to the significance it attaches to pre-sale and post-sale product, service and quality, Loda has guided its endeavors in light of its goal to provide added value for the furniture sector, its customers and all of its shareholders. As a young and dynamic brand due its high-technology and gradually increasing capacity, Loda continues to raise the number of its stores in Turkey and abroad by combining expertise with a modern vision of retailing.