Inspiring Tips for Console Table Decoration

In our article, we will discuss how you can decorate your console top and provide you with some suggestions. With these suggestions, we hope that you will be able to use consoles in the most efficient way in various corners of your home, especially in the living room. Now let's take a look at what accessories you can use for console top decoration.

How to Decorate Console Tops?

A console is a piece of furniture that holds decorative items such as figurines, vases, candlesticks, mirrors, and other small decorative objects. Unlike a dresser, a console showcases decorative items and provides narrower storage space. It fits easily into both the living room and the dining area where meals are eaten. The standout feature of using a console is being able to place decorative accessories on top of it. Consoles that support the design of the living room with the accessories placed on top allow you to reflect the style you desire. In this section, we will share ideas on how to apply console top accessory selection.

Add Greenery to the Console Top

Would you like to contribute to a modern and elegant living room look? Then, decorate the console you will get with colorful or glass pots adorned with plants. You can even place trailing and bushy plants on top of the console to create a nice contrast to the console's flatness. Thus, while adding color to your living room, you can also give a pleasant appearance to console decoration.

Place Stools Underneath

You can use stylish stools to use your console as a table. You can choose stools to be placed under the console in the same color as the console or in a contrasting color. You can also decide on the style of stools and poufs according to the style you want to see. Especially if you imagine a home decoration where wooden materials are predominant, you can reflect this with consoles and wooden stools.

Use Organizers

You can also use organizers, or organizers, on top of the console. For functional console usage, you can opt for decorative organizers and create the necessary storage space. When choosing a decorative organizer, you can prioritize wicker-woven baskets. Especially if you have a living or dining room decoration arrangement dominated by cream and white colors, you can add a stylish touch to the living room with oval organizers woven in wicker form. You can also use multi-purpose neutral-colored organizers or open-colored compartment organizers.

Put a Console Under the TV

You can consider a console as a stylish alternative to a TV unit. Since consoles placed under the TV appeal to many different styles, you can easily find a console suitable for the look you want. If you are going to buy a wall-mounted TV, you can also evaluate the console set along with the coffee table and highlight the TV area. Especially by choosing metal and wooden consoles, you can create a modern or classic living room impression.

Use Metal and Brass Accessories

You can achieve a magnificent living room look with metal and brass accessories for console top decorations. Especially for consoles located in the dining room corner, you can add candlesticks, wall decorations, candle holders, bowls, vases, decorative candy bowls, or plates. While creating a stylish ambiance with metal and brass wall frames, you can also create a different effect in the living room appearance.

Highlight the Console with Bed or Vertical Mirrors

Mirrors are among the most complementary products among console top objects. By using vertical or horizontal mirrors, you can highlight your console location and create a harmonious decoration with other console products. You can also choose circular or other geometric-shaped mirrors to create a contrasting look with your rectangular console and take advantage of its harmony. You can also use the mirrors on the console top in harmony with other objects. Especially if you prefer figurines and glass vases, you can consider supporting them with horizontal or vertical mirrors.

Add Paintings and Frames

Paintings and wall frames are one of the most stylish choices for console top accessory selection. When choosing striking paintings and wall frames that emphasize the console area, you can also make a selection according to the color of your console. You can create a stylish image with a selection of frames and paintings of the same or different sizes. At the same time, you can also add frames containing photo frames to the console top. Thus, you create a design that highlights the console area along with a nostalgic look.

What to Consider When Buying Console Top Accessories?

Now that we have listed suggestions on how to use console tops, let's move on to what to consider. If you are considering accessories on the console top, you must first review the appearance of the living room and dining room. Whether you are considering a modern or rustic style console, you should first bring to mind the dominant style and colors in the living room. You can rest assured in this regard because you can easily find different console models.

You can also pay attention to size, aesthetic appearance, material, and creativity in accessory selection. If you want to see a harmony arising from contrast in your living and dining room, you can create a console top design accordingly. However, if you want a harmonious look, you can also emphasize balance and harmony in accessories. You can also choose accessory sizes according to the style you want to create. You can choose small and large console decoration products, or you can prefer products of the same size.

Another point to pay attention to is the arrangement of accessories. We recommend that you decide on the accessory arrangement in your mind before moving on to the purchasing stage. An accessory purchased just for decorative purposes may have been purchased unnecessarily. To prevent this, you can first decide on colors, sizes, and accessory arrangements. For example, you can prioritize functional and decorative products such as mirrors, figurines, and organizers.

Where to Find Console Top Decoration Products?

It is possible to find products containing various materials for console top decoration. For unique and suitable console models for the style you want to create, you can search through Loda Furniture. You can also search for functional and stylish console mirrors for console top arrangement through the category. You can also start decoration preparations by taking a look at Loda furniture console models to get an answer to the question of what to put on the console top and to get ideas.

We have answered the questions of what to put on the console top and what to pay attention to. Before completing your console top decoration with stylish accessories, you can purchase modern console models through Loda Furniture.