Loda Customer Relations


Our Customer Relations Policy

Loda Furniture, acting with an innovative perspective in the face of changing conditions and transformations, creates a difference in new generation purchasing habits with strong personal designs and after-sales services. Integrating innovation and automation systems dominating business sectors worldwide into its own business, Loda establishes a powerful holistic structure extending from production to distribution. Utilizing automation technologies in production processes with its modernized infrastructure, Loda manufactures custom-sized furniture according to customer demand in a short time, beyond standard products.

After Sales Services

With its emphasis on product, service, and quality both before and after sales, Loda directs its efforts towards providing added value to the furniture sector, its customers, and all stakeholders. After-sales services are aimed at identifying and solving any possible and unexpected problems that may arise during the use of the product. The service concept encompasses a wide range of activities from product installation to repair, maintenance to enhancement, and addressing all customer expectations and complaints. After-sales services are conducted in a quality, fast, effective, and solution-oriented manner. Loda Furniture prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing free service and maintenance for all products covered by warranty.