Layout Ideas for Rectangular Living Room Decoration

You might have come across the idea of decorating based on a rectangular shape. If you're not familiar with this decoration idea, it's time to get informed. In our article, we will provide information about the notable rectangular living room design of recent years and discuss how you can shape your living space accordingly.

How to Implement Rectangular Living Room Decoration?

Rectangular living rooms contain a narrow and long living space. Decorating rectangular living rooms can seem more challenging compared to square living rooms. However, it is possible to design a more spacious living room by starting to separate the living room from the dining room. It's essential to choose suitable furniture for a rectangular living room design. If your living room appears narrow, you can opt for round or curved furniture to open up space and create a modern rectangular living room appearance.

To make the best use of the rectangular design in the living room, it's also important to clarify the transition between furniture in your mind. For example, you can open up more space by choosing an L-shaped sofa set. Additionally, by carefully considering the use of coffee tables, you can place oval-shaped coffee tables in the middle part. Now, let's take a closer look at what you need to implement these rectangular living room decoration ideas!

First Consider the Sofa Set Furniture

Regardless of the type of living room you have, sofas are one of the first pieces of furniture that catch the eye in your living room. How the sofas should be in a rectangular living room is also among the curiosities of those who want to shape their living space. In decorating a narrow rectangular living room, deciding on the placement and choice of sofas should be your priority. By accommodating U or L-shaped sofas in a wide rectangular living room, you also make room for other pieces of furniture.

For a narrow rectangular living room decoration, choosing an L-shaped sofa would be a more accurate choice. By placing such sofa sets, you can create more seating area while opening up space, which also improves your ability to entertain guests. Moreover, making room for the sofa set first is also a correct choice to decide on the other part of the living room. Thus, you can functionally furnish the primary seating area first and then the dining and library-storage area by dividing a narrow living room into two.

Set the Focal Point of the Living Room

One of the ways to correctly decorate your living space is to establish a focal point. For rectangular living room design, it's necessary to choose and highlight the central point of the living room. Typically, the focal point in a rectangularly constructed living room is the longer walls. On these long furnished walls, you can use TV units, fireplaces, decorative shelves, and dressers.

Additionally, if the long walls of the living room have windows, you can choose curtains of your desired style to highlight this area as a stylish focal point. Generally, enriching the appearance of your living room with the focal point you have determined. Especially for eye-catching focal points like TV units, making decorative and stylish choices and enriching these areas with complementary accessories is beneficial.

Use Decorative Organizers and Shelves

To make a narrow and long rectangular living room look chic, you can benefit from the functionality of organizers and shelves. Organizers are one of the most necessary living room accessories for both creating storage space and enhancing the decor.

Using decorative organizers and shelves for a rectangular living room contributes to enriching the living area. Thus, the burden of excess items in a narrow space is carried through organizers, opening up more space. Also, shelves are ideal accessories to strengthen the focal point. By deciding on color harmony and decoration style, you can enhance the ambiance of the living room with organizers and shelves.

Benefit from the Texture and Functionality of Carpets

One of the design ideas you can consider for narrow long living room decoration is carpets. Carpets offer both a stylish and functional use to almost any living room, supporting the decoration idea you want to create. For rectangular and long living room decoration, you can choose square and rectangular rugs, as well as runner rugs.

In a narrow and rectangular living room, you can also add elegance to the appearance of the room by using a runner rug along with a rectangular carpet. Moreover, by taking advantage of the texture and color harmony of the carpet you choose, you can highlight a narrow and small area. Especially by opting for light or neutral colors, you can leverage the power of carpets in living room decoration.

Create a Dining Table Area

Now, let's answer the question of where to place the dining table in a rectangular living room. It should be primarily mentioned that if you have a narrow rectangular living room, you need to decide how to furnish the living room along with the kitchen area. If you have an open kitchen, you can utilize this area to separate a dual living room and dining table area.

If you have a larger living space, you can first design the living room and then furnish the dining table area. At this stage, you can take care to have the dining table behind the seating area. Thus, you can emphasize the main focal point, the seating area, and also separate the dining table area.

We answered your curiosity about how the rectangular living room layout should be. If your living room is rectangular, you can order all the necessary furniture for your living room and dining table area from Loda Furniture and start using them safely.