What is Art Deco? How is Art Deco Decoration Done?

We're taking you to the splendid decoration style of the 1920s with our article. By getting acquainted with Art Deco decoration, you can make a difference in your living room with ambitious and diversified materials. Now, alongside the question of what Art Deco is, let's take a look at the characteristics and application of this movement in architecture and decoration.

What is Art Deco Style? What are its Characteristics?

The Art Deco movement first made its appearance in Paris, France, in the 1920s. Due to its main characteristics, it quickly managed to influence the whole world. In the visual arts, the Art Deco movement manifested itself with symmetric, geometric, and what could be considered exaggerated decorations. The Art Deco style, also making its presence known in interior design, settled as a movement that values symmetric arrangements, emphasizes contrasting colors, and uses modern materials like glass, steel, and plastic. But what are the standout features of Art Deco decoration? Are there dominant characteristics of an Art Deco home? Here are the features of Art Deco decoration!

  • The furniture used is generally based on industrial production rather than handcrafting.
  • Bright and vivid colors are used alongside neutral and dark colors.
  • A grand and ambitious style is created through furniture and accessories.
  • Expensive and ergonomic furniture materials like glass, wood, marble, and brass are used.
  • High windows and glass sliding doors are preferred in interior design.
  • Designs that include symmetric and asymmetric shapes are displayed.
  • Importance is given to furniture and accessories that offer both aesthetics and comfort.
  • A rich and magnificent appearance is aimed for with the selection of leather, velvet, and metal furniture and accessories.
  • The legs and arms of the furniture are used functionally, and frame details are included in the living room.
  • Each piece of furniture is carefully selected to demonstrate unity among the furniture.
  • Gilded, patterned, and modern-style wallpapers are used.

As can be seen, in Art Deco decoration, striking colors, geometric shapes, and gilded patterns fly through the air. Sharp and detailed geometric-shaped accessories and furniture are the distinctive aspects of Art Deco decoration. Therefore, if you want to reflect the Art Deco style, do not hesitate to choose ergonomic and showy products when selecting furniture. Now, we will present a guide on how you can use furniture to create Art Deco decoration.

Now that we've answered the question of what Art Deco decoration is, let's look at how furniture is used in this decor style. In Art Deco interior design, colors and furniture are the main elements that support the splendor. Although Art Deco colors are generally bright and vibrant, there are examples where darker shades are used. Art Deco sofa models include bergère, chesterfield, gold, and sectional sofa sets. All the furniture used supports a modern look while bringing out a rich and luxurious decoration. So, how is furniture used in Art Deco architecture? Let's get started! 

Don't Miss the Lighting Detail 

When choosing materials for the living room, you should not overlook lighting. In Art Deco lighting, you can highlight luxurious interior lighting and chandeliers that appeal to the modern style. You can also use modern-style gold and metal floor lamps. When choosing lighting, you can include hanging, crystal, glass, brass, and cage chandeliers. Additionally, for interior lighting, you can opt for decorative LED wall lighting and glass LED table lamps. In short, don't hesitate to be bold in interior lighting.

Use Furniture that Will Make a Difference in Your Living Room

Now, let's move on to what furniture you can use for an Art Deco living room. The salon is the most suitable and relatively larger space for applying Art Deco decoration. The decoration you create in the living room significantly changes the atmosphere of the home. You can even carry the Art Deco style to your bedroom along with your living room to achieve a harmonious look.

For Art Deco decoration in the living room, you can choose round and oval-shaped sofa sets. By making room for Art Deco sofa models upholstered in leather and velvet, you can create a difference with richly materialized furniture. Additionally, you can lean towards striking and vivid colors for Art Deco sofas. If you want to design in the modern Art Deco style, you can plan a living room decoration in beige, ecru, and gray colors. Art Deco armchair models will also maintain the ambition of your sofa set. By exploring armchair models, you can contribute to a comfortable yet modern and high-quality living room appearance. If you want to reflect the elegance of the sofa set while designing an Art Deco living room, we recommend you also check out the modern Rita living set.

Include Geometric Shapes and Vibrant Colors in Floor Coverings

Floor coverings are among the most eye-catching elements of the Art Deco interior design style. In the living room, you can incorporate shiny, zigzag, mosaic, polished marble, and tile flooring. Especially if you want to create a bright and vibrant living room appearance, you can prioritize granite, marble, and patterned tile floorings. Generally, by opting for geometric and bright-vibrant colors in floor coverings, you can continue not to compromise on splendor.

Use Glass and Metal Accessories

For Art Deco decoration, you can use accessories that incorporate glass and metal details. With mirrors, figurines, and metal wall ornaments that will match the colors and lighting detail in the living room, you will achieve an elegant Art Deco look. One of the prominent features of Art Deco is the use of lighting and decorative boxes that combine brass and glass. Also, figurines with geometric shapes and gold-patterned wallpapers supporting the furniture will make a difference in the living room.

What to Consider in Art Deco Interior Design

Now that we have answered the questions of what Art Deco is and how it is applied, let's look at what to consider in this decoration style. Before implementing Art Deco decoration ideas, you should decide where you plan to apply this decoration. Besides the living room, you can reflect the Art Deco style in the dining room and bedroom.

For decoration, you can prioritize tile floorings and furniture. Along with tile flooring, you can check the entry of daylight to decide where to place the lighting. In choosing furniture, you can opt for colorful or neutral colors, creating contrast, and choose furniture from both color ranges. Especially, you can plan a decoration dominated by vibrant and bright colors such as burgundy, green, blue, and brown.

After choosing the furniture, you can make room for grand decorative pieces that support the furniture. Additionally, you can include decorative pots in the living room and design a stylish and modern living space. In Art Deco design, harmony is important, so you can ensure that each furniture choice complements each other.

In our content, we have answered the questions of what Art Deco is and how to reflect the Art Deco style in your home. If you want to see the most suitable furniture for this style in high quality, you can check out living rooms on Loda Furniture.